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Flanges / Endboards

Endboards as well as H & U channels are designed to easily and economically secure and protect your rolls while in storage and during transport. A complete range of sizes and styles are available. BBP Industries will custom design any components to meet your exact requirements.

Custom fabricated end boards are precision-made to meet the unique storage and handling needs of medium to large size rolls. Our Endboards are manufactured from high quality particleboard, plywood, MDF, or hardboard, with whatever variety of holes, slots, notches and other precision cuts necessary to maximize roll storage and improve handling. Single endboards can be configured to suspend one or several rolls and, these suspended rolls can be easily stacked by using H-channels and U-clips.

Precision holes and edges are cut to your exact specifications. The H and U-channels used for interlocking Endboards and securing them to the pallets are manufactured out from high strength aluminum and steel. Various widths and lengths are available and, with our high tech computerized CNC routers as well as our professional working force, a precise product will always be the outcome. Whether large or small, all orders are treated with the utmost attention to detail and to the customers highest satisfaction

We also have a large variety of foam discs that is used as a protection on the end of the rolls.

Flower Racks

BBP Industries supplies the flower and garden industry with returnable flower shipping racks, They are strong, weather resistant, reliable; and non-returnable Flower shipping racks. Our engineering department has designed and produced countless flower rack shelves defined by their strength, and all your products arrive in top condition.

Contact us with your specifications, Big or small, we do it all!


BBP Industries has developed simple yet innovative features for heavy materials such as Steel, Glass, Granite, that require specifically designed equipment to safely handle, transport and store them. Our Wooden A-frame slab handling products adds an additional level of safety for all slab handling products.

Our A-frame rack is uniquely designed for use in transport. Extreme heavy duty construction provides unmatched durability. Innovative safety features furnish secondary bracing and support system to safeguard your personnel and to protect your materials.

Handling and transportation are risky operations. Too much time and effort goes into making a high quality slab to risk cracks or damage from improper transport. When transporting slabs, use an A-frame to support and secure them during transport.