Made To Your Needs

New pallets

BBP Industries, a leader in the pallet manufacturing industry for over 40 years, offers you an unlimited variety of softwood and hardwood pallet models as well as customized pallets to meet your specific needs.

We have an expanded inventory, standard and custom sizes available, ready to be shipped.

BBP Industries and its dedicated staff are committed to offering you personalized service, quality product and the best delivery, at the most competitive market prices possible.

Used pallets

Our refurbished pallet division reconditions previously used or damaged pallets to their original state. In so doing, we reduce public landfill and, at the same time, protect thousands of acres of forest from being destroyed.

We carry a large variety of refurbished pallets, softwood and hardwood, to meet your requirements.

Custom pallets

With over 40 years of experience in the pallet manufacturing industry, we are able to create a pallet program, from our vast selection of wood pallet models, to correspond with your processes and demands. Our team will set up a detailed action plan to increase profits and improve service while addressing your specific applications with custom pallets manufactured to meet your particular requirements.